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Get Connected with Buyers

 During the course of its dynamic commercial history, Dubai has emerged as one of the most important export and re-export markets in the world. Dubai's many strategic advantages, including its ideal location as a gateway between the East and West and a superb infrastructure network, make the Emirate the most successful export hub in the Middle East. Dubai Exports helps buyers conduct business from Dubai with the support, expertise and guidance that is essential in any successful export and import business.

Assistance in Buyers' Home Countries:

  • Full and updated Dubai trade and exporter information.
  • Where Dubai Exports has Overseas Trade  Offices, which provide market briefings to potential buyers, so that they can identify possible suppliers from UAE
  • Information and assistance from Dubai Exports ensures that buyers visiting Dubai can source their needs effectively and efficiently.
  • Matchmaking services to bring together overseas buyers and UAE based firm
  • Dubai Exports provides buyers its comprehensive UAE Exporter Directory to ensure overseas buyers have the most up to date and relevant information to ease their sourcing activities .
  • Buyers are entitled to five free Dubai Exports publications.
  • Dubai Exports offers buyers its free virtual matchmaking service to seek out new potential partnerships.
  • Access to the Sub-contracting and Partnership Exchange Programme can be a vital element in making contact with the right export company to act as a Sub Contractor.

    Assistance in Dubai
  • Representatives from Dubai Exports accompany buyers to sites, exporter offices, businesses clusters, etc. when they visit Dubai.
  • To ensure that the relationship between foreign buyers and Dubai exporters maximizes its potential, Dubai Exports arranges a free follow up and coordination service with the Dubai-based exporters.

    Buyer Benefits

    Foreign buyers enjoy enormous advantages through Dubai Exports services and support, raising opportunities for potential partnerships and lowering costs and time:
  • Increased access to Dubai businesses and exporters
  • Reliable and government-backed support
  • Free market information
  • Unlimited matchmaking opportunities
  • No re-export duties
  • Simple registration process, ensuring Dubai Exports listing as a Preferred Buyer
  • High profile to Dubai exporters through website listing
  • Full and free Dubai Exports support during inward missions